Pastor Robert Madu

What’s In It For us?


Matthew 25:14-30 – The Parable of the Bags of Gold

Main Idea

What does it mean to be generous?

We have all spent money on something we didn’t need or maybe even really want. What if someone gave you all the money you’ve wasted back. The only stipulation is you have 12 months to spend it, and you have to bless someone with it. Why couldn’t we live like that now? Operating in generosity.

God wants to bless his people. And when he blesses you, he wants to bless others through you. Generosity is learned. From the time we learn to talk we naturally say “mine.” We want to claim what’s ours and cling to it. What if instead, we decided to guide our thoughts to see receiving as a conduit, where what comes to us from God’s goodness isn’t just for us but a way for us to pass God’s goodness on to someone else. Our world, the church, our families, our workplace would look immeasurably different. Because to operate in generosity brings true joy.

What generosity is not:
1. Generosity is not random giving.
2. Generosity is not emotional.
3. Generosity is not an amount.
4. Generosity is not for rich people.

God doesn’t bless you to raise your standard of living but to raise your standard of giving. – Robert Madu


We don’t own anything; we are just managers of what God has entrusted us with. On earth, we have been given time, resources (a place to live, a vehicle to drive, a job, etc.), and people (relationships) to steward. To have an eternal mindset is to know that if something can be taken from you, you don’t own it, you are a manager of it.

If you always receive for yourself, you won’t experience true joy.


  • When thinking about generosity do you find yourself asking, “What is in it for me?”
  • Looking at the list of things generosity is not, is there an area you would like to work on?
  • How can you better operate in generosity?


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