Social Dallas Headquarters

The Cedars District

Soon, we will be closing on our very first property ever, Social Dallas Headquarters!

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Let’s go deeper and put a stake in the Cedars District of Dallas!

Social Dallas - Pastors Robert & Taylor Madu
Social Dallas - Pastors Robert & Taylor Madu

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House of Prayer

House of Presence

House for People

Social Dallas - Pastors Robert & Taylor Madu

Our Pastors

Robert and Taylor Madu are the lead pastors of Social Dallas. To love Jesus, and to love people is the heartbeat and vision of Social. With big dreams, full of passion and grit, the Madu family has found a place in the heart of Dallas to be a hub of hope, joy, and life, for those who walk into the room, where all have a seat at the table.

What is Social DNA?

Social DNA happens the first four Sundays of every month. This is your opportunity to learn in greater depth, the heart of Social Dallas, what we believe as a church, and take your next steps in sharing your incredible gifts with us.

Monthly Schedule

Weeks 1 & 3: Step 1
Weeks 2 & 4: Step 2
Week 3: Orientation

Social Dallas - Pastors Robert & Taylor Madu

Times & Location

Join us this Sunday at Gilley’s Dallas at 9:00 am and 11:30 am. We can’t wait to see you!

**Gathering location varies depending on the date. Follow us on Instagram for the latest updates.

Social Dallas Connects

One of our mottos at Social is “Life is better when we do it side by side!”

We strongly believe that we were created for connection, for community. Social Connects are the perfect opportunity to not just attend our weekly services, but to be a part of the family. You have a seat at the table! Get signed up to meet others within the community, hang out, and grow deeper in your relationship with Christ.

Signup for this season of Connect Groups is now open!

Social Dallas Connect Groups